Dry Cleaning

TJ Laundry is one of the Best Dry Cleaner in Dubai, specializes in Dry Cleaning Coat, Winter Jacket, Wedding Gown etc.

What is Dry-Cleaning?

Normal washing will put garments immersed and agitated in water, because certain fabrics can shrink, dyes can bleed and change in texture when washed in water, so it needs some special handling of washing/cleaning, this garments are not subjected to the same conditions as those clothes that was usually wash by water.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning involves the immersing of a garment in water with detergents and other additives to accomplish the goal of cleaning your clothes and household items, like bedspreads and comforters. We are using the best chemical LANADOL. The LANADOL Wet cleaning is the result of the unequalled know-how that we have continually advanced for more than 20 years.

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are moving into a brand-new home, moving into a rental, or own your home, professional carpet cleaning is a necessary aspect of living healthy. Many people do not realize when they are purchasing a new home that the carpet could be holding various germs and dirt, since the carpet was just installed in the home. Renters may believe that since the landlord cleaned the carpet prior to them moving in that the carpet is clean. Homeowners may not realize what is hiding in the fibers of their carpet down deep. TJ Laundry realizes the importance and know what could be hiding in carpet and clean them by using one of three methods below: Dry Cleaning- Spray Wash- Normal Wash.


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